Charlie and Nicole’s Sunny South Devon Wedding

Wedding Photography – It’s a sensible profession for sensible people…

So, you know the saying ‘First Impressions Count’? Yep, it’s a classic.

In the run-up to the wedding, Nicole and I had bonded over lengthy, excitable chats on the phone. The kind of chats we all had as teenagers before messenger and WhatsApp took over, full of explosive laughter and random tangents. So when I walked into the house first thing that morning, it was no surprise that Nicole threw herself at me in a giggly hug. This was our first actual meeting, but we already felt like old friends so first impressions weren’t really a thing in that moment.


Emma and Robin’s Springtime Wedding at The Great Barn in Devon.

Well hello sunshine! We’ve missed you!

Springtime weddings often conjur up images of the first glimpses of warmer, sunnier days, with newly blooming flowers and a return to the outdoors. Shaking off the cosiness of Winter, Emma and Robin’s wedding day at The Great Barn, nestled deep in the rolling Devon hills, was just that.


New Year’s Eve with Gemma and Matt at Rockbeare Manor.

Oh, by the way, it was their wedding!

Gemma and Matt’s Winter wedding at Rockbeare Manor in Devon, was one awesome way to spend New Year’s Eve! It had the perfect mix of excitable build-up, glamorous outfits, sumptuous feasts, non-stop drinks and extravagant fireworks. One hell of a party!