Helen and Shaun’s Hot, Sunny, Summer Beach Wedding at Tunnels Beaches

Fun in the Summertime

Writing this blog just emphasises how lucky we are to be wedding photographers in glorious Devon. I mean, wherever we go, we have a blast and leave grinning, knowing we’ve got it pretty sorted. Heading off to work at the inimitable Tunnels Beaches in North Devon, is pretty special and always a pleasure. When it’s a really hot and sunny Summer’s day, it’s utter bliss!

We arrived at the house in the morning and as per usual, went our separate ways so that both sides of the prep party were captured. The boys’ camp was a sophisticated scene of sharp suits, slick shades and ‘Old Fashioned’ cocktails. The girls’ camp, on the other hand, was a bubbling, giggly little party full of exploding sunscreen,  fully head-thrown-back belly laughs, and the cutest little flower girl dog EVER! The weather that we had been blessed with for a wedding day on the beach, was perfect, and the excitement was palpable for the day that was unfolding.

As is usually the case, and incidentally, one of my favourite bits of the day, when the time came for Helen to put on her dress and become the stunning bride she was, the significance of that moment became a reality, and the nerves started to creep in, ever so slightly. Helen held it together while she left the house and throughout the camper van journey to Tunnels, until she saw her Mum, and her Mum saw her beautiful bride of a daughter. And then the emotion hit, both of them. Yeah, OK, and me! It was beautiful!


Charlie and Nicole’s Sunny South Devon Wedding

Wedding Photography – It’s a sensible profession for sensible people…

So, you know the saying ‘First Impressions Count’? Yep, it’s a classic.

In the run-up to the wedding, Nicole and I had bonded over lengthy, excitable chats on the phone. The kind of chats we all had as teenagers before messenger and WhatsApp took over, full of explosive laughter and random tangents. So when I walked into the house first thing that morning, it was no surprise that Nicole threw herself at me in a giggly hug. This was our first actual meeting, but we already felt like old friends so first impressions weren’t really a thing in that moment.


Charlotte and Will’s Shilstone House Wedding

The 19th of May 2018 is a date that has gone down in history. It was the date of one of the most eagerly anticipated weddings of all time. Supporters, well-wishers and loved ones lined the aisles as the dashing Will married the beautiful Charlotte in a gorgeous Devon church, then celebrated like royalty at the coveted Shilstone House.