Devon Wedding Photography- Castle Hill – Jess and James

As Devon wedding photographers, it’s only natural that we come away from the majority of our weddings with muddy knees or wet and salty trousers. So when you come away from a day covered, pretty much all over, in grass stains, you know it’s been a blast. The theme of Jess and James’s day? As much fun as possible!

The glorious day started off in their respective childhood homes, surrounded by their nearest and dearest, which lent an air of ‘baby flying the nest’ emotion to the preparations. So it was very fitting, and felt rather special, that James was driven to the church in his Granddad’s vintage car, that he had had specially delivered across the Atlantic and restored, for just such an occasion.

As both wedding parties left for the ceremony, nerves heightened, and almost got the better of James. Thank goodness, then, that his Best Man was on-hand to help him rub his ears. Yep, apparently that’s a thing. As the stunning Jess made her entrance, the tears started flowing through the congregation, and didn’t stop until everybody burst out into the sunshine to congratulate the new Mr and Mrs.

That’s when any thoughts of serious, sensible behaviour, left the building, and the fun took hold. Castle Hill is an incredible venue with vast, sweeping grounds and gardens. One can easily picture the gentile taking leisurely strolls in their Sunday best, and wedding guests, and grooms, in their finery, rolling around in the grass performing two person forward rolls, wheelbarrow races, both successful and unsuccessful human pyramids, and a smattering of wrestling, just for good measure.

As if that wasn’t entertainment enough, the magician freaked the life out of everybody (in a fabulous way), as did the perfectly timed clap of thunder that started off a downpour at the exact second the Best Man cracked a joke during his speech.

The rain stopped as the meal came to an end, in perfect time for a very pretty portrait session and one hell of a party.


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Kingston Estate Wedding Photography – Jenny and Joe

The last thing you want on the morning of your outdoor wedding ceremony, is torrential rain. Even though that’s exactly what Jenny and Joe were given, it didn’t dampen their spirits, or optimism.

Maybe it had something to do with novice baker, Joe’s faith in everything being alright in the end. As he was putting the final touches to the cake he’d made – by cake, I mean THE cake, the clouds started clearing and Joe gave the nod for setting up outside in the beautiful walled garden. Well, they say fortune favours the brave, and I’d call making the decision that the first ever cake you bake, should be your wedding cake, pretty darned brave!

As the beautiful Jenny stepped out of the house, on her beaming Dad’s arm, the sun finally broke through (honestly, it was like magic and sent a cheer through the congregation!) and stayed with us all day, throwing a gorgeous glow over the celebrations. Which, as it turned out, was just as well, given that the cheeky Best Man’s report of the cringing groom was anything but glowing! It was brilliant, though. Utterly hilarious and brilliant (photo number 24 sums it up perfectly!).

Having taken an evening stroll with the loved-up bride and groom through the stunning grounds, it was time hit the dancefloor, and the trampoline, and party the night away.


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