Tunnels Beaches Wedding Photography- Charlie and Pete

We’ve said it before, and this wedding made us want to shout it from the rooftops – we love being wedding photographers in Devon! When you have an incredibly dramatic bit of coastline and a couple who are up for anything, things get fun. And wet. Very wet and salty.

From the very start it was clear that Charlie and Pete’s outdoor ceremony at the beautiful Tunnels Beaches in Ilfracmbe was going to be one of the most laid back and fun wedding days, ever. The round of Dark and Stormy cocktails during the groom prep might have had something to do with that – how did they know that was my favourite?! It’s OK, I didn’t drink all of it.

The ceremony itself was incredible. As Charlie walked down the aisle, everybody held their breath, including me. What a stunner! Instead of readings, they chose to have their amazingly talented friends sing, as the waves crashed in the background, sending us all to a really emotional place. Again.

We laughed and cried our way through the speeches before heading down to the beach for a sunset stroll with the new Mr and Mrs, which turned out to be our favourite bit of the day…quite possibly, ever! Charlie just ran into the sea, dress and all! Simon and I remembered to pick our grinning jaws off the floor in time to capture the fun and shoot some of our favourite portraits before it got too dark to find our way back.

With frozen fingers and toes, and enormous smiles, we all dried off just in time to get involved on the dancefloor. The dress though…well, that’s probably still wet now.


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Salcombe Wedding Photography – Nat and Gerry at East Soar Farm

When we met Nat and Gerry for a coffee right at the start, it was immediately clear that theirs was going to be a day that was right up our street and themselves a couple we would quickly come to consider friends. We asked the question ‘tell us about your day -how are you going to start?’. It was then the magic words, that started this amazing adventure off, were uttered; ‘Well, we’re huge watersports enthusiasts so we’re going to go for a surf or paddleboard first’. Those of you who have ventured into the ‘About Us’ page will understand how it was an absolute no-brainer that within 2.5 seconds, I had replied with “We’re coming with you. With cameras.’

So on the morning of their big day, we met Nat and Gerry and a bunch of their friends on Bantham Beach, ready to go with our kayak, wetsuits and waterproof housings. What a blast! Nat wore her veil, obviously, and Gerry wore his wedding ring. After an hour of fun, Nat left (with Simon) to make the transition from paddleboarder to bride, while I stayed with Gerry and his crew for some more fun in the water. And that’s when it happened. The ring fell off. In the sea.

Fast forward a few ‘Oh. My. Days’ reactions and a fruitless search of the area and we all made our salty ways back to East Soar Farm to freshen up and find a ring to borrow. Nat and her wedding party walked the stunning 45 minute section of coast path to meet Gerry at the end of a twinkly light and candle-lit aisle for a truly beautiful ceremony. There was much hilarity when it came to the ring exchange (Gerry’s Dad to the rescue), but the wonderfully easy going Nat later admitted that she hadn’t really liked the original ring anyway!

Exhausted, blissed out and still very salty, we bid our reluctant farewells and tore ourselves away from the party that looked like it would continue into the small hours.

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