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Cornwall Wedding Photography by Two Passionate Wedding Photographers Pip and Simon

If you are looking for Professional Wedding Photographers in Cornwall, look no further,

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Spectacular Wedding Photographers in Cornwall

We’re Pip & Simon, with a wide spectrum of breathtaking and alluring outdoor wedding photos our aim as a professional wedding photographer is to capture all the delectable and unique nature of the bride and groom, families and friends.

Getting Married in Cornwall? We have attended thousands of wedding parties in Cornwall and as the experienced and proactive photographers we want to reflect this, our job is capturing photos without bothering the ceremony. Delivering the wedding photos with true emotions of joy and happiness are our forte, hire our unique style of capturing captivating photos.

Cornwall Wedding Photography Service – Beach & Countryside

Whether your marriage destination is a beach or countryside, we will give you the perfect reminder of the most precious day of your life in Cornwall. Undoubtedly, the beach wedding is the first priority of couples from all over the United Kingdom.

Taking the nuptial vows near a beach or countryside in Cornwall can let you experience the happiest day of your life and we can help you score all such prettiest moment for forever. As the Cornwall Wedding photographers, we are frequently hired by couples to capture the wedding photos in our own style.

Hire us for your wedding in Cornwall or refer our services if any of your sibling or friend is looking for professional wedding photography.