We try to keep things simple and hope that everything you need is included below, but please let us know if there's something else you're excited about and we'll see what we can do.



Wedding planning sessions.

On the day

All travel (within the UK) and insurance.

8 hours of wedding day photographic coverage by both Pip and Simon *


Individual image editing by Pip and Simon, producing a set of approximately 500 finished photographs.

A password protected online gallery to share with family and friends.

All finished photographs presented as digital downloads with unlimited download and printing permission.



Also available

Pre-wedding shoot £400.

* Extra hours of wedding coverage by Pip and Simon £200 per hour.

Beautiful matted albums from £400.


Let us know...

...if you're having a low season wedding as we may be able to arrange a small discount.

How Documentary Wedding Photography Works


For the most part of the day, we love you to completely forget we’re there. We want to tell the true story of you and your unique day. After all, each wedding is as unique for us as it is for the bride and groom. That is hugely exciting for us as documentary wedding photographers! Years have been spent honing the skill to know exactly where to be at what time so that not only is no moment missed, but that those moments are caught as expertly, artistically composed images that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.


We want you and your guests to be as un-aware of us as possible. So you won’t hear us asking anybody to smile for the camera (that’s the last thing we want! Uncle Bob can get those shots!), there’ll be no posing requirements, no staging of fake moments, no re-runs. Just us considerately documenting your beautiful day, exactly as it happens, without any intrusion or disruption. Sometimes we get people saying they feel bad for ignoring us, but don’t – we’re in our element!


The Creative Portrait Session…


Where we spend the majority of the day at separate ends of the altar, or in separate locations of the venue, capturing all those fleeting moments and interactions, we come back together to plan and execute the creative portrait shoot later in the day. The majority of the creative portrait shots you’ll have seen were only possible because there were the two of us co-ordinating and controlling the often sophisticated lighting set-up. When one of us has a great shot in mind, the other intuitively knows what combination of lights is needed, and is there to hold and move them to make that dream shot a reality. You’ll find us swapping back and forth between shooter and lighting technician throughout this bit – those lights get heavy!


Throughout this session, we’ll gently guide you through it, asking you to do nothing more than take a few minutes to connect and breathe together. This is your chance to step away, just the two of you, to soak up the atmosphere and be yourselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 01: Can we add on more hours of photography?

Of course! Whether you need an extra hour or two, or you want us to stay until the last person leaves the dancefloor in the early hours of the morning, we'll be there. Additional hours of photography by the both of us cost £200 per hour which includes the editing of the resulting extra images.

Question 02: Do We Cover The Details?

Absolutely. Just because we’re documentary wedding photographers doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate exactly how much time, effort and love you’ve put into all the little details that make your day unique. Those details reflect your personalities, so they’re key components of the day and the story.

Question 03: Do We Do Group Photos?

Of course! But only if you want to. The more formal shots are wonderful keepsakes for other members of the family. Rest assured that we work efficiently through this part so that we don’t disturb the natural flow of the day, or keep you or your guests away from the action for too long. And don’t worry about the moments that might be going on that could be missed; only one of us shoots the groups while the other keeps documenting the action!