Aside from photography and his family, Simon's loves are many, varied and frequently changeable! Currently it's travel, music, wine, indoor rowing, outdoor swimming and pondering the meaning of life, but who knows what next week will bring!

Pip loves spending her free time with her family in, and on, the water. Sailing, swimming and freediving are her passions and she's an enthusiastic champion of marine conservation.

When not searching for Atlantis she can often be found with a puppy on her lap, reading a good book with a mug of hot chocolate in her hand.

Kathy is a life-long fan of all things arty & crafty and is happiest when creating. She enjoys Marvel movies, vibrant colours, hot drinks on cold days, swimming in wild water and cinnamon with everything. Kathy is a firm believer that life is all about the little things and will always find the magic in the mundane.

So where did it all begin?

Hi, Simon here.

I photographed my first wedding in 2004 with my good friend Helen. It started like it probably does for most wedding photographers – a favour for a friend of a friend.  This fortuitous wedding experience only enhanced our passion for photography and created a brand new, wedding based, vision of the future! The next couple of years involved a serious investment in education, constantly put to the test as our experience and bookings grew – very exciting times for Helen and I, who were then joined by my wife Kathy. In 2008 I gave up the day job and became a full time wedding photographer.

Over time Kathy took a break to focus on our family, and Helen chose to pursue a new direction as an Art teacher (her students are lucky to have such an inspiring person in their world).

Later Pip and I got talking and our big collaboration began!


Where we are today…

We’ve been racing around having so much fun over the years. Constantly pushing each other to make the best images we can. Always learning and never settling. Just the right amount of competitiveness to keep everything fresh but always laughing at the same time.

So many brilliant venues, unique days and wonderful couples since 2004. So many memories from making memories!

It doesn’t feel like long since those early days and now Kathy’s back with us again and it feels like a family. Working together with so much combined experience is an amazing thing and we know it’s such a valuable part of what we offer our clients. A constancy, an understanding, a shared ethos, not to mention our own peculiar type of sign language developed by years of working at opposite ends of big wedding venues!

So that’s the ‘who’. Click here if you’d like to find out about our ‘why’.


Exeter, Devon


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