I’m simon

Devon wedding photographer Simon Gilbert.

I’m pip

Who We Are

We are Pip and Simon, two old friends who go a fair way back. We’ve been there for each other's families through some pretty monumental occasions - 1 wedding, the births of 4 children, 2 house moves and the start of this hugely exciting collaboration.


More like family than friends, our mutual passion for photography means that we constantly support, critique and inspire each other to never stop learning, never stop growing, never stop striving for better, which in turn means that, as a team, the last few years have led to us producing the best work of our respective careers. Drawing constant inspiration from the old documentary photography greats, the best of contemporary photojournalism, and the drama, style and storytelling of the film and fashion worlds, we get you the shots that others don’t.


Moments Are What Drive Us

Our mutual obsession with capturing and creating great photographs means that we are each other's dream team mates. We work instinctively together throughout the day, capturing all the beautiful, emotional, intimate, tender and funny moments that sum up your day. We tell both sides of your story through two stunning visual narratives that knit seamlessly together. You won’t be able to tell which one of us took which shot, and that’s something we pride ourselves on.


We also pride ourselves on our totally hands off approach. We want to tell your story exactly as it happened - no staging, no posing, just us being in exactly the right spot at the right time, mostly without you even noticing we were there!

And in the moment, those beautiful exchanges of glances between cherished loved ones, or an ‘excluding all others’ tender touch between the Bride and Groom, you’ll see us grinning from ear to ear behind the lens, you might even catch a couple of tears, because it’s those moments we live for and what makes our storytelling both real and unique.






Exeter, Devon



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