Charlie and Nicole’s Sunny South Devon Wedding

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So, you know the saying ‘First Impressions Count’? Yep, it’s a classic.

In the run-up to the wedding, Nicole and I had bonded over lengthy, excitable chats on the phone. The kind of chats we all had as teenagers before messenger and WhatsApp took over, full of explosive laughter and random tangents. So when I walked into the house first thing that morning, it was no surprise that Nicole threw herself at me in a giggly hug. This was our first actual meeting, but we already felt like old friends so first impressions weren’t really a thing in that moment.


Nicole and all her girls we getting ready in Charlie’s parents’ house. Can I take a minute here to just say CHECK. IT. OUT! It’s a stunner, and with a marquee on the front lawn, it was the venue for the celebrations. But more on that later. Let’s get back to the ‘first impressions’ thing.

As I said, it was the home of Charlie’s parents. Charlie’s Mum had been with us all morning and everything had been wonderful. Charlie’s Dad, Nick (remember that name, it features again!), had spent the morning out shooting with Simon and the boys, so we hadn’t met. When he came back a little later, I was out the front of the house capturing Nicole and her brother having a cute sibling moment. Nicole introduced us and naturally, with a big smile on my face, I put my hand out to shake his.

For a reason I’ll never understand, I took a very small step back. And that’s when it happened. I tripped over the Victorian boot scraper. With one hand holding a camera and the other outstretched in a gesture of greeting, there was nothing I could do to stop myself. I ended up upside down in the bushes with Nicole absolutely wetting herself with laughter, and her brother and Charlie’s dad looking utterly bemused. The look on Nick’s face very clearly said ‘Oh. My. Days.’

Now, with a proper case of the giggles that erupted every time Nicole and I looked at each others faces, the rest of the morning was a dream. Moments of hilarity were followed by beautiful, tearfully emotional ones and it flowed by without any further embarrassment. Not until Nick let me out of the Land Rover at the church and I tripped up the steps, right in front of him. 

I mean, come on people! Seriously?! This never happens to me, and now twice in one day in front of the same person? For a moment, Nicole and I couldn’t breathe for laughing, the video guy looked like Christmas had come early and again, I got that ‘Oh. My. Days’ look from Charlie’s Dad.

Glad It’s Not Just Me Though!

I probably shouldn’t have been surprised then, when, during the ceremony, Charlie said ‘I take thee Sue’. Yep. It was clearly one of those days. But don’t worry guys, this wasn’t a Ross and Rachel moment! Nervous Charlie had got all tongue tied and simply mixed up Nicole’s first and second names, but boy, by this time, my face and stomach muscles were on fire!

The rest of the day really did go smoothly from the moment everybody arrived back at the house. The sun was blazing, the food was divine and the Best Man’s speech was epic. No, literally. It was a 45 minute belter of a cheeky romp through their childhood mischief.

As the sun finally set on the most amazing of hot, late Spring Devon days, the party started and then, at last, I wasn’t the only one to have fallen over that day.

To Summarise…

In conclusion? Nicole and Charlie sure know how to rock one hell of an awesome wedding. And me? Well, I totally nail the first impressions thing. 



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