Charlotte and Adam – Wedding Photography at Pynes House, Devon.

The sense of excitable happiness that hit us as we walked in to the elegant Pynes House, was perfectly matched to the beautifully sunny Spring day in the Devon countryside. Swamped with daffodils, Pynes House, a wedding venue that feels blissfully like it’s in the middle of nowhere, but is actually hugely conveniently found just a stone’s throw from the cosmopolitan city of Exeter, was the perfect location for celebrating a rather fairytale-esque story…

Once upon a time, there was a lovely girl called Sabrina, who had a best friend called Adam. When they were all grown up, Sabrina started to work with a sweet girl called Charlotte, with very sparkly eyes, who she grew to be very close to. Being the true friend that she was, Sabrina thought that Adam and Charlotte ought to meet, that they’d probably live happily ever after together, so she engineered a get-together. Fast forward a few years and you’ll find the happy friendship group at the wonderful Pynes House preparing to celebrate the wedding of Charlotte and Adam, and us as the lucky wedding photographers, who were honoured to be documenting it.

True story! And guess what? Not only was Sabrina Chief Bridesmaid to Charlotte, she was Best Woman to Adam too!

Having returned from the emotional ceremony at St Leonard’s church in Exeter, the sunshine flooding Pynes House made for beautiful light as the very informative speeches (you learn a lot about somebody during the speeches, don’t you Adam?!) took place in the lounge area before people made the most of the Spring warmth and headed outside to the extensive gardens. A few rounds of croquet and boules were thoroughly enjoyed, and proved only marginally unsuccessful with the balls having to be extracted from the hedges only a handful of times. I think that’s a win!

Having worked up an appetite, playtime paused while Dartmoor Kitchen served up a veritable feast, that proved to be the much needed fuel for the impressively energetic dancing, and the helpful food cushion for the impressively energetic drinking. Having demonstrated a couple of our own sleek dance moves, we left the enthusiastic revellers to it, with an energised bounce in our steps; it was most definitely the start of Spring, and Charlotte and Adam’s wedding had most definitely brought it on.

And they really have lived Happily Ever After – we have since caught up with Charlotte and Adam, and they now have a beautiful baby! Job well done Sabrina, job well done!


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