Pynes House Wedding Photography with Alys and Adam

I had a hunch that when it came to the wedding day, it was going to be one epic emotional rollercoaster as their Pynes House wedding photographers, and I was dead right.


Sometimes you meet people in life that you just know you’re going to end up laughing with, a lot. This was the case when we met Alys and Adam for the first time for their Getting To Know You Photoshoot up on the iconic Devon Moors. Alys stepped out of the car and immediately apologised for being a little hung over still after a great weekend, then giggled infectiously. And we giggled too. And that was the start. It was clear right from the outset, that these two were absolutely made for each other. They were so at ease in front of the camera (the residual wine may have helped – we’ll have to make a note of that…). And at ease with being with each other in front of the camera, while the whole time, never taking the situation, or themselves too seriously. It was delicious!

Award Winning Toilet Break

The beautiful Pynes House was the chosen venue for everything but the ceremony (I’ll explain why in a moment) It’s such a joy to photograph bridal prep there. The light in the rooms is wonderful, and the decor is perfect for showcasing the beauty of the event, while allowing the moments to take full attention. And boy were there some moments. The tears were flowing long before Alys was out of her pjs. By the time it came to getting into her dress, my mascara was long gone.

With everybody looking resplendent for the super sunny Spring morning, there was only one task left to do. Before leaving for the church; have a wee. This is something that historically, brides in abundant dresses, need assistance with. Well not any more, thanks to the INGENIOUS Ikea bag hack!

If I thought we’d laughed our socks off before this moment, I had another thing coming. How I, Pip, managed to get the (ahem…award winning…) shot, I have no idea, as I was literally crying with laughter, as was everybody involved. You HAVE to look at the photos to see for yourselves! And yes, I did follow her into the loos, and yes, of course she loves that shot, but no, it’s not here to respectfully save her modesty. You’ll have to use your imagination – haha! And guess what? We recently won a highly prestigious This Is Reportage award for one of those photographs!

Pynes House wedding photographers- 

A Wedding In A Very Special Setting

Living in Exeter, Devon, it was really important to them both that their wedding ceremony took place somewhere with a strong, meaningful family connection, so they chose to hold their ceremony in none other than the church their Grandparents were married in.

Keeping it in the family even further, Alys and her Dad were driven to the church in a gorgeous vintage camper van, belonging to Adam’s Dad, who also, rather cutely, chauffeured us all to the ceremony. Adam had left a surprise gift and card on the seat, so having just dried her eyes and fixed her make-up, poor Alys was set off again and we hadn’t even pulled off the driveway!

So you can imagine by now that the ceremony was full of tears. But what was more beautiful than the wet happy faces, was the connection between these two. They didn’t let go of each other the whole time. The moments in between Adam gently wiping Alys’ tears away were punctuated with the two of them literally bubbling over with an infectious childlike excitement. If it had been appropriate to do a little happy dance, I know for sure they both would have done.

Once the ceremony was over, everybody piled into a big, red bus, and headed back to revel in the sunshine at the stunning Pynes House. The laughter continued, the feasting began, and the weather held out for some beautifully intimate couples shots in the evening. Saying goodbye to these two at the end of the night, was tough going. But the memory of Alys in that big blue Ikea bag, will stay with these Pynes House wedding photographers forever.


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