Springtime Wedding Photography at Huntsham Court for Chessie and Carl

But First- a note from the Bride and Groom, as they received their photographs:

“Good Morning!

Bottle of Prosecco down and a box of tissues (for Chess)! Guys … what can we say! This was the most perfect distraction from honeymoon packing EVER! The slideshow is absolutely amazing – Chess has had it on repeat for the last 20 minutes and has cried so far every time! The pictures have captured our day perfectly, we just want to do it all over again. We’re so grateful to you both for everything you did on the day, you made us feel so relaxed and we have the most amazing mix of photos that we’ll treasure forever.

Thank you so much again for all that you did! We wish you the best with everything and look forward to stalking your insta for your weddings to come!

Hope to see you at a wedding soon.

Carl and Chessie xx”


The Start

When you turn up to work at a wedding, as the photographer, you’re not quite sure what kind of vibe you’re going to walk in to. Sure, you have a pretty good idea, having chatted on the phone extensively by that point, and more often than not, shot a Getting To Know You shoot too. That was the case with Carl and Chessie – we had had a wonderful time on the beautiful South Devon coast one very sunny evening with them. So we had a pretty good idea that these two would be up for one huge party vibe, and that’s exactly what I walked in to in Camp Bride. The music was blaring, and lively bridesmaids were dancing along in between hair and make-up sessions, and it was impossible to stand still. It was even more impossible to not have a beaming smile on my face the whole time.

Then that moment happened, the moment I’ve mentioned before. One of the most delicious moments of the whole day. The moment the dress goes on. The room emptied out and went quiet, leaving just Chessie, her Mum and her sister, and that’s when it happened. The atmosphere switched in a heartbeat from party to heart thumping emotional nervousness, and it was beautiful. It’s a moment that I fully anticipate and look forward to on a wedding day, because it signals that this is real, this is actually happening, and the time has finally come. I’m not crying, you’re crying……

You can be sure that for every bride or groom finally putting their dream dress or suit on, there’s a whole party of loved ones desperate to see them, and how everybody reacts is very different. The reaction Chessie got from her bridesmaids is one of my all times faves. If there was any lingering nervous tearfulness, it was shattered in an instant as everybody, myself included, burst into raucous, booming laughter. It was perfect! That laughter continued even as we all made our way out into the open to start the lovely walk to the chapel, despite the start of the light rain shower. The giggles burst through the grey and meant that we all arrived at the ceremony beaming. I mean, if the day had ended there, we could all genuinely say that we’d had a really lovely time and couldn’t wait for the next one!

The Middle

The ceremony itself was beautiful, made complete with one of Chessie’s nephews sneaking up to the front to give her a smacker, before Carl got the chance to be the first one to kiss the bride. And as if that wasn’t cheeky enough, after the ceremony, as everybody made their way back to Huntsham Court, the girls sabotaged the romantic walk of the newly weds, with walk-dancing, which got the party started early and restarted the belly laughs. So we shouldn’t have been surprised that as the procession happily burst into the reception area to enjoy the drinks, canapés and live band, it immediately turned into a massive party, with everybody hitting the dance floor. Knowing that this was before anybody had started drinking, we had a really, really good feeling about the evening party! Haha!

The Reluctant End

The speeches were hilarious and all-telling, the group formal shots ended in everybody running and jumping over hedges to get out of the sudden down-pour, and the evening party was off the chain. Think Jaegermeister being poured over bare chests, revelers giving up with bothering with drinking out of glasses, figuring straight from the bottle was much more efficient, and a band that seemed to have glued every single guest’s feet to the dance floor. We did not want to leave! But for us, that was only half the job done, and knowing that we had cameras full of photographs telling the story of that day, we couldn’t wait to get back and start putting it all together.

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