Tunnels Beaches Wedding Photography – Reena and Sam’s Colourful Summer Celebration

Reena and Sam.

As career choices go, wedding photography must be one of the very few where in the space of one ‘shift’ you not only witness a roller coaster of emotions, but live through them too. Reena and Sam’s hot and sunny wedding day at the incredible Tunnels Beaches in Ilfracombe, Devon, was the perfect example of one of those days.

Reena and Sam had been desperate to marry for a number of years, but other priorities had meant they’d had to keep pushing the date. So by the time it got to their actual day, everybody was feeling ecstatic and extremely emotional. Theirs was not only an epic love story that resulted in two families uniting, but two cultures, too. This meant that we were treated to the most colourful beach wedding we’ve seen to date. And it was stunning! The intoxicating mix of bright colours, sunshine and raw emotion saw this ‘shift’ absolutely fly by, and more than a couple of tears slip out from behind the lens.

Reena and Sam’s Tunnels Beaches Wedding

We started our day photographing the preparations in Bath House. This is Tunnels Beaches’s very own bespoke wedding party accommodation. But the blazing sunshine beckoned pretty quickly and enticed Sam and his side of the party down to the beach, and the bar. This left Reena and her closest to take a few deep breaths at the house before they too made the trip down the infamous tunnels. Then out into the hot, sunny day to walk down the aisle with her Mum and, at last, join Sam to have the wedding they’d always dreamed of. Unsurprisingly, the emotion poured from Sam the second he saw Reena in her breathtaking gown, which unsurprisingly, had me going. Most of the congregation for most of the ceremony too!

As if photographing the wedding ceremony wasn’t enough of a test for ‘Emotional Resilience At Work’, there were speeches! These took place with the unspoilt view of the sea that Tunnels is so sought after for and took the experience to the next level! The sunshine continued to flood in, along with the tears, so a quiet stroll on the beach once the BBQ had been thoroughly enjoyed by all, seemed like a good shout. The gloriously warm sunset may have played a part in the decision to linger on the beach a little longer, too.

The best bits and the hard bits

There are many parts of a wedding day that I find myself thinking “This is my favourite bit, right now.” Ten minutes later, of course, I find myself thinking it again. And then you get to the dance floor. All the occupants have been happily soaking up the summer vibes and adding gin to the fuel tank, and THAT becomes my new favourite bit! People reveal a side of themselves that surprise us, sometimes downright shock us, and always make us proper belly laugh and want to throw ourselves onto the floor to delight the crowd with our worm dance, too.

My least favourite bit? Saying goodbye and leaving it all behind.

Feedback from Reena and Sam

 Hi Simon/Pip
Now we’ve had chance to stop, Sam and I just wanted to say the biggest possible thank you to you both for doing such a fantastic job at the wedding for us.  We had the perfect day, it was amazing! You guys did such a fab job looking after us, whizzing through the photos before becoming ‘invisible’ again.
Our guests also commented on how great and friendly you both were and how unobtrusive your style was.
Sam and I felt completely at ease with you both, like being photographed by friends!
Our very best wishes to you both.
Reena and Sam 😁

Photography: Pip and Simon
Dress: Mona Vora
Hair and make-up: Parminder at indianbride.co.uk
Flowers: Debbie at flowerdeliverynorthdevon.co.uk
Cake: Kate Burt Cakes
Music: weddingstringquartet.com and thedistancelive.com
Catering: Tunnels Beaches
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