Simon’s thoughts about Photography

It’s fair to say that we rarely stop thinking photographically. For myself, as for most of us in the Wedding Photography industry, our careers began as a hobby, and later developed into a business.

That early passion never goes away, but evolves continually, and the pathways of that evolution are what makes each photographer unique. We think it’s really important to keep feeding that interest and I tend to note down snippets of wisdom as I find them, as part of my development.

Knowing that many of our wedding clients have a strong interest in cameras themselves, I thought it might be useful to start compiling these bits and pieces of inspiration. I’m also making a note of photographers that have inspired me, and millions of others, as a ‘further reading’ type thing.


Inspiring thoughts and the photographers behind them

My approach to my work has always been influenced by the greats in both photojournalism and portraiture.

Documentary, Storytelling, Photojournalism.

Ian Berry.


Norman Parkinson.


The History of Photography

A good place to start online- History of photography

This is an interesting quick read- 20 First Photos from the History of Photography


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